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How it Works

  1. Applicants who contact LA Shidduch fill out an application. This application is kept private and is only seen by the LA Shidduch shadchanim. We encourage all applicants to fill in as much information possible in order to increase their chances of being matched more quickly and efficiently.
  2. Whenever possible, an interview is set up between the applicant and the LA Shadchanim in order to get to know the applicant better. If they are in the area, applicants are often invited over for a Shabbat meal as another means of becoming acquainted with them.
  3. Matches are made in the following ways:
    1. The LA Shidduch shadchanim search through the database and match up men and women based on certain criteria (ex. age, background, preferences).
    2. If the applicant has had a name suggested to them, but they have not found someone to follow up for them, the LA Shidduch shadchanim will gladly carry out the shidduch, even if they have not come up with the initial suggestion.
  4. If a possible match is found, the man is approached first with some basic information about the woman. If he is interested in meeting her, then the woman is given some basic information about the man. If she agrees to meet him, then they are connected by the LA Shidduch.
  5. The LA Shidduch shadchanim are in the middle for the first few dates. If things progress past that point, the woman and the man directly connect for future dating. However, the LA Shidduch shadchanim will always be available to help with anything that they may need in the process of getting to know each other.
  6. If a match did not work out, we will work with both parties involved in order to end the connection in the most sensitive way possible.

Our Expectations

The LA Shidduch shadchanim invest a lot of time and effort in order to help singles find their bashert.
As such, they expect the following from the applicants:

  • To be serious and committed to dating with the mindset to get married.
  • To provide prompt responses to our questions and updates on dates.