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Welcome to Los Angeles Shidduch…

For most observant singles, finding the right match, or “bashert”, can be a difficult process. Many shadchanim, or “matchmakers”, offer their services to help singles navigate through the process, from the initial introduction to the dates, to the research process, and even beyond.

LA Shidduch is an organization that is committed to helping observant singles to work through the steps of finding the right match in a timely and productive manner. Every single individual who works with the LA Shidduch shadchanim is given the resources and support that they need, every step of the way, in order to be set up with worthy matches. All of our applicants’ information is kept strictly confidential, and all information is given on a need-to-know basis. The shadchanim adhere to high standards of tzniut and privacy, and they are endorsed by a number of leading rabbis in the Los Angeles Jewish community.

While the LA Shidduch shadchanim work primarily with Persian Jews in the Los Angeles, they have established networks with observant Jews in other cities and communities as well.