What Is the True Definition of Censure

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On the next occasion when I feel compelled to advertise, their behavior deserved even more censorship. After being caught in bed with a lover, the mayor was quickly censored by the city council. If that had been the case, the novels would have rightly been open to this censorship. Illustrations: A vote of no confidence can be changed by removing the word censure and inserting the word “thank you”, as both refer to opinion on certain behaviors; Refusing to censor is not the same as expressing gratitude. “They`re tired of being censored or criticized,” Dr. McKenna said. (Time) He was the correspondent for St. Boniface, who asked him to support his vote of no confidence in the bishop of Mercia. Or even to be able to count on the support of elected legislators who, if they wanted to, could reprimand you. They sound the same way, but not the same thing: censorship sounds like a broadcaster and censorship sounds like meaning. Remember: being censored means being discouraged from saying something; To be censored means to be reprimanded after saying it.

After the no-confidence vote, Stubbs simply said, “All members of Congress need humiliating experiences from time to time.” I see no way out of this mess for Israel; If they repress, they will receive even more censorship from the global “community,” if they give in to Palestinian demands, then Israel will cease to exist in 20 years. Blaming someone for something means making a formal statement of disapproval. In this excerpt, one man wants to reprimand another. The other man used his professional position to hire his friends and family, which is not allowed. Jimmy: Yes. Everyone in the office was talking about it. The boss reprimanded him for ruining the Johnson account. Much of the criticism comes from a host of “all-in-one infrastructure” that too easily ignores the fact that the costs of these large projects are often vastly underestimated and their benefits are significantly overstated. From 1350 to 1400, in Middle English, old French, Latin cens?ra (“bureau of censorship or evaluation”), censere (“to tax, evaluate, evaluate, judge, verify, etc.”). This phrase is usually found in the context of governments and government agencies. Politicians who break the law or do something outside of protocol can be censored.

His henchmen had been around him, observing what he liked and knowing what they could do, without fear of censorship and with the certainty of ironic approval. Middle English return, borrowed from Anglo-French and Latin; Anglo-French censorship, borrowed from the Latin c?ns?a “Office of the censor, evaluation, moral surveillance”, to c?ns?re “give as an opinion to fulfill the duties of a censor” + -?ra -ure — more under censorship entry 1 Earlier this year, PBS distributed to its subsidiaries only the redacted version of A Company of Soldiers, a front-line documentary about US forces in Iraq, Concerned that obscenities shouted by military personnel during an ambush may be reprimanded by the FCC; It released the beardless version only for local broadcasters who were willing to sign waivers that exempted PBS from any liability for fines. Lisa: Apparently, that`s right. Police arrested the accountant and the school district publicly reprimanded the principal for his inaction. Censorship is a name that refers to very strong criticism; The verb means to criticize very strongly. If you take your father`s car without telling him, you can expect him to severely reprimand you and maybe even nail you to the ground. Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement lamenting the state`s GOP for failing to censor Duke. The boy probably deserves the first prize, but by daring to attack Goebbels` warming field, he probably managed to get a unique censure from the prize committee, usually reserved for science fair projects that try to justify eugenics or lysenkoism – and very different from the child who made a baking soda volcano and still got a “blue ribbon.” Everyone gets an award these days, you know. unless your project is clearly a PC. English Language Learners Definition of Censorship (Entry 2 of 2) Censorship and restoration of sinful members were provided for by other acts of supreme authority. In this way, from the beginning of the thirteenth century, although not explicitly stated in the decrees, the term censorship became the equivalent of a certain class of ecclesiastical punishments, that is, prohibition, suspension and excommunication.

Derivation of censorship entry 1, probably according to central French censorship A censor hides information. A vote of no confidence is harsh criticism. These are both judgments and they both stink. criticize, reject, reprimand, condemn, condemn, denounce, accuse in order to openly find mistakes. Criticism involves finding errors, especially in methods, guidelines or intentions. Criticizing the police for the use of force Reprehend involves both criticism and strict reprimand. The self-centeredness of today`s student censorship carries a strong hint of authority and rebuke. A senator who is formally condemned by his colleagues implies strong disapproval or rejection of sanctions. Condemning one`s unconventional lifestyle usually indicates an unfavorable and final verdict. Condemnation of the government`s racial policies adds to condemnation the implications of a public statement. A pastoral letter denouncing abortion The noun and verb are most closely associated with official expressions of disapproval, such as when Congress censors a senator.

The noun comes from the Latin cÄnsÅ«ra, “censorship”, from cÄnsor, “an ancient Roman censor”. The job of a Roman censor was to conduct the census and monitor the morality and behavior of the public. Our English word censor – which means to suppress language or other forms of expression – comes from this Latin word. Censorship (countable and innumerable, plural censorship) The article states that the agency could have voted on sanctions against Maco, ranging from censorship to exclusion. A deep treasure in your hearts An honest shame and, courageously fighting, fear680 Each of them will attract censorship from others. Yet Bergé insisted that he did not intervene excessively or reprimand the film in any way. Jackie: Yes. I heard that he caught one of the accountants stealing money. Moreover, he did not report it to the authorities. I don`t know if that`s true or not. Violation of this license board may result in censorship, reprimand, or revocation of license. Seth: Horatio is in trouble.

Do you know anything about that? Home » Dictionary of Sentences and Phrases » What does it mean to reprimand someone? When Charles Rangel was found guilty of ethical violations. The second news clip concerns municipal officials who disapprove of a particular municipal council. That`s because this alderman stole from a store. Censorship is a transitive verb, which means that a direct object follows it. If there is an indirect object, it follows the preposition for. It is not possible to use this verb without purpose. In this conversation, two high school students talk about a controversy surrounding their principal. Definition: Formally disapproving someone for doing something. Swearing, nudity, and revolutionary ideas are often censored or hidden by a gang that is responsible for them, such as a government, the FCC, or your parents, when they kick you out of the room for most of the film. Censor can act as a verb or a noun: Think about progress” Republican Rep. John Fleming on Doctor, who says he will refuse to care about Obama voters: “I applaud what he said and did” The catalog reproduces a news photo of “beach censors” arresting women in such offensive dresses.